Friday, March 5, 2010

Cave Canem

From this moment on, I never again want to see, hear, speak, or even think the name Paul Glaser as long as I live!

H&H levels be d--d.

I refuse to die.

I won't give him the satisfaction.

(Now watch me write, ya'll.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Suffering Through the Moment

"Words have little meaning, their resonance in ideas."

A friend of mine wrote these words not long ago, when I was at a low point: enduring what seemed, at the time, unendurable pain. As I tried to put into perspective all that was happening to and around me, it was difficult not to ponder the significance of suffering in our world. Be it physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, the pain which can infiltrate mind, body, or soul is very real. And, at this very moment, as I concentrate on the carefully honed process of separating my mind--my Self--from the agony now (once again)wracking my body, I find myself praying that he was right: that if I am able to, as he advised, place myself apart from or outside of my discomfort, and "foster more curiosity than [I] ever thought [I]had," I might actually catch that glimmer of light or understanding, hope, Truth, or insight which will transform what seems to be needless physical suffering into some state, some place in which it is no longer some viciously, gnawing thing I have to endure...but rather that Being I can become, venturing into these sensations and then finding those spaces within myself that are not comprised of, consumed by the ravages of pain but defined by the very act of knowing that there is something to be learned, discovered by having explored the deeper implications of just recognizing how this has all defined me, in this moment, as this entity I am now but will never again be.

(Or maybe I'll just find out the Green-Eyed, Silver-Tongued Con Artist didn't know what the devil he was talking about!)