Saturday, May 22, 2010

Recalling the Darkness

The searing waves crash,
Frothing, onto the soft pink sands that steam
Beneath their fiery onslaught.
Numbing, blinding this constant pummeling,
As hard, round stones sink
To press against the moist, vulnerable lining beneath,
Crushing the bruised swells of the shore.
Relentless is the tumultuous roiling
Which pries muscle from bone,
Draining the tender marrow
So that the gelid winds
Through the achingly hollowed caverns.
Oh, but that it were merciful,
Pulverizing sense and sensation
To a jellied nothingness,
Leaving the helpless shell--
Long emptied of the soft-bodied creature
Once sheltered within--
Free to float outward
Into non-existence!
Yet, no such succor does it offer,
This unending sea of pain.
On and on it flows,
The scarlet waters hot enough to scald,
Its foam a bitter, poisonous acid,
Slowly eroding flesh, layer by layer,
Ever bubbling,
Ever burning,
Into infinity...
For an eternity.