Thursday, April 30, 2009

Low Ebb

Today finds me wondering what on Earth I am doing.

What, essentially, am I hoping to prove? Here I am, closer to forty than thirty, tapping away a t my laptop in the misguided (many would say futile) belief that after all this time--now that my children reach tentatively towards adulthood, now that the best of my energy and inspiration are probably behind me, now that my dreams of success have taken on the dullness of disillusionment--I will somehow achieve the objectives put aside during the years spent raising children and basically paying homage to the Responsible Life. Who am I trying to kid?

Because this--to write and to somehow make an impact on others through that writing--is all I know, continue I shall...

Still, there are those days--like today--when the heart just isn't in it, when the heart simply cannot believe.

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