Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just Keep Movin'

Today finds me running in all different directions. I'm working on one of my adult fiction manuscripts, rushing to be ready by six in order to attend the Red Cross Disaster Action Team Training workshop, attempting to keep ahead of my correspondence (e-mail, my submissions log--all rejections of course--Facebook, etc.) all the while pondering the viability of sending in my RSVP for the Exeter Annual Reception Greenwich this June. (I always vow to attend if for networking purposes only...and never do.) I have writers to interview (the original reason for starting this blog), information for my upcoming move to research (destination: Colorado, it now seems), and a writers' workshop tomorrow at five for which I need to prepare (as an attendee rather than the organizer, for a change). Still, we have all read of the instances in which a writer, after decades of rejections, meets with that one acceptance which turns the tides. Persistence, Perseverance, and Tenacity truly do pay off--in writing as well as life... Or so I'll keep telling myself as I keep my snubby little nose to the grindstone!

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