Thursday, June 24, 2010

Artists Unite!

When girls and I first moved in with K., it seemed as though our every prayer had been answered.

Artistic ourselves, we found a strong sense of having slipped into the proper niche from the moment we crossed the threshold. The arrangement promised to be a good fit for all, flexible enough--in a time of upheaval--to allow us to figure out just where we planned to go from here. Truly, the opportunity might have been Heaven-sent.

Little did I recognize just a week go how completely that hackneyed,
age-old term would encapsulate this rather remarkable new experience.

Living here, sharing a house with other highly creative people, editing K.'s book, and even learning a bit about the creative processes of an actual artist: herein lie the seeds of renewed fulfillment...and unexpected joy.

1 comment:

  1. Hi stranger! Hey, this is one of the happiest blog entries that you seem to have written -- it makes me smile :)

    Remember your post on inspiration? aha! now what do you feel? It never vanishes does it? It never REALLY goes away completely, see?
    Unexpected joy .. PLUS so many good things urging your creative juices to flow again and again right?

    Enjoy it. Love it. See? All along inspiration has never left you.
    With you, I rejoice and celebrate your "renewed fulfillment".

    Be blessed stranger!