Friday, April 17, 2009

Being "Sorry"

It now well and truly official: I am admittedly, unashamedly, undeniably sorry...

Sorry in the sense of lazy; sorry in the sense of a procrastinator; sorry as in should-be-ashamed

Although I should be hunched over my computer getting actual work done, here I sit beneath the glorious sunshine reading a wholly recreation, totally mind-numbing book of no literary or intellectually stimulating value what-so-ever. Books are one of my guilty passions, reading my addiction. In fact, were there a Book Anonymous group, I would be offered a life-long position as the keynote speaker--not that I would ever be induced to, like, join. Tomorrow, I will regret (or, at the very least, tell myself I should regret) having spent the time this way. For now, however:

"I shall gather up this sunshine,
And with it fill my pockets.
In that way, I might carry it with me always...
And wherever I go...."

(I'll finish that poem tomorrow. Right now...
I'm being "sorry"!

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